A Better View

Assisted Living at It’s Best

Assisted Living
We offer many floor plan options and a variety of amenities & services.

Experience A Life Of
Fulfillment & Comfort

Health & Wellness
With a focus on wellness, we help offer support for an active lifestyle.

Top-notch Fitness &
Therapy Services

Community Living
Mount Royal Pines III offers all of the amenities that you would expect.

More Than Just
A Building

Support when you need it.
Freedom when you don’t.

When it comes to assisted living, at Mount Royal Pines III we have a different point of view. Our view is enjoying all the things you want to do, without sweating the small stuff. It’s enjoying spacious apartments, restaurant-style dining, and engaging activities, without the chores. It’s having many of the things you need like a grocery store, post office, library and more, right outside the front door.


Our Mission Statement

At Mount Royal Pines III, our mission is to create an exceptional assisted living community that fosters independence with customized support services and an active lifestyle. Creating a better view into their golden years by being dedicated to providing a warm environment where residents can thrive, maintain their dignity, and experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The First Assisted Living Complex in Duluth


prioritize living options inspired by health and wellness.

Mount Royal Pines III was built in 2000 and was the first assisted living complex of its kind for seniors in Duluth, MN. There are 54 fully equipped apartments that include a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Our three-story apartment building is now operated by Progressive Care an organization committed to creating communities focused on offering choices in living with opportunities for a full life inspired by health and wellness.